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Introduction and Chapter Description

I have built "Lost Continent of Atlantis: Myth or Reality?"  with the purpose of bringing together news, discoveries, and theories related to the lost continent of Atlantis. Some people look for the the lost city of Atlantis, which in Plato's view, is only part of the Atlantean empire. However, we will discuss this issue in due time.

We will also try to understand if there is indeed something like 'the lost continent of Atlantis' or just a 'lost Atlantis'.

I thought my job would be easy, since I only had to update my old Atlantis site. However, things turned out differently. I did extensive research, I learnt what frustration meant when I could not find enough information to support my theories. As a matter of fact, my site is still under-construction, because I have heaps of documents and data to arrange. Probably, "Atlantis" will be constantly updated, until it will reach the perfection I want it to reach; until I will have laid all my cards on the table.

I thought nothing could change my views, because they were so strong. Yet I was wrong. I tried to gather everything and keep an open mind, so I read any article supporting or denying the existence of the lost continent of Atlantis.

I cannot draw a conclusion at the moment; it is simply a collection of ideas and theories that need further research. But if you ask me whether Atlantis is myth or fact, or "Did Atlantis exist?", I know my answer. Atlantis is not a story as some people think, but reality. However, I will let you cast your vote, for I am not restraining any information. Any theory is welcome.

For those who have heard of Edgar Cayce, I need to say that I did not use any of his books, or articles, or stories, and none of my theories are based on his ideas. However, if similarities occur here and there (similarities I would know about after carefully investigating lots of web sites dedicated to the lost continent of Atlantis) it is because I have reached the same conclusion, not because I tried to fit his prophecies into my work. God forbid, I do not intend to base my research on prophecies. In other words, I used as much relevant archeological, geological, and astronomical data as I could, without too much fuss and guessing. On the other hand, you cannot have a theory without some guesses, which, at the right time, will prove right or wrong.

Right. Enough rambling for now.

If you want to know first what every chapter is about, read on. For help later on, check the "Contents" page.


A short description of every chapter:

News: Latest News in the Scientific World

Presenting new discoveries and new theories found in magazines and newspapers, related more or less to the lost 'continent' of Atlantis or its fate.

Chapter 1: Which "Atlantis" are we looking for?

So, what is Atlantis? And, more importantly, where is Atlantis?

Explaining the difference between the mythical Atlantis and the real Atlantis. Yes, this might answer your question: is Atlantis a fact or is Atlantis a myth? Is there such a thing as the "lost continent of Atlantis"? Also, we already try to identify the answer to the question: "where was Atlantis if it did exist?".

Chapter 2: About the Circle of Evolution on Earth

The Mayan circle of evolution and how ancient civilizations grew and decayed.

Chapter 3: Ancient Maps and Writings on Atlantis

Examining Plato ('The Dialogues': 'Timaeus' and 'Critias'), Solon, Plutarch, Herodotus, Aelian, the Maya's and Aztec's ancient texts ('Chilam Balam', 'Dresden Codex', 'Popol Vuh', 'Codex Chimalpopoca'), the Frysian 'Oera Linda Book', the Bible's 'Genesis', the Chaldean stories, and the Mesopotamian legends.

Presenting and examining the maps of Piri Reis, Ptolemy, and Athanasius Kircher.

Also I have gathered some accounts on the myth of flood. I am already convinced that Atlantis can be found in myths and religion.

Chapter 4: Calamities

Calamities (tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes) that wiped out cities and lands. I focus on volcano activities and earthquakes, especially the way they work and how they can affect our planet.

Chapter 5: Can Lands Sink and Rise?

Islands rise and sink as a result of volcanic activity or earthquakes, or due to the rise and fall in the earth's crust. I have prepared for you lots of true accounts. First, I give examples of huge disasters that hit mankind (maybe in the same  way in which Atlantis was hit), then I  show the sunken lands that rose out of nowhere and fell back in.

I am also using some information found in Ignatius Donnelly's book, "Atlantis, the Antediluvian World".

Chapter 6: Are the Ancient Texts Just Stories?

On the other hand, there are people who think Plato's Dialogues was a myth. What do they have to say? And what do I have to say? Who's right? Presenting theories based on the old history of Greece and other ancient civilizations. Trying to make connections between ancient texts. Was there indeed a Golden Age?

Chapter 7: The Search for the Lost Continent of Atlantis, Underwater

This is a complex chapter. It mentions all the underwater structures and discoveries that took place until 1997: the Bahamas and Bimini quests of Valentine, Dr Zink, Dr. Schliemann, etc., and the structures found in other areas of the world, like Spain, Portugal, Florida.

What have the scientists really have to say about these discoveries?

Chapter 8: Mysteries on the Shore

Continuing from Chapter 7, but with discoveries on shore. Also a debate over the Dogons' knowledge  of Sirius.

Chapter 9: The Nowadays Search for Atlantis

What is going on today in the world and how is the search for the lost continent of Atlantis coming along? Mentioning the expeditions in Spain, Bolivia, Gibraltar, Cornwall (UK), Bahamas, India, Cyprus, Spain, and Ireland.

Chapter 10: Interpretation of Plato's Work

Using the text, I analyze the possible location as implied by Plato. Also I compare Plato with Herodotus's description of Egypt. Then I try to search for Atlantis in other possible locations, like the Red Sea, the North Africa, or Mesopotamia. I dived a little in Herodotus's "History" as well. (some of it is still being researched)

Chapter 11: Lost Continent of Atlantis - Location Theories Part I

Mentioning the theories that claim Antarctica and Santorini (Thera) to be the location for 'the lost continent' of Atlantis.

Chapter 12: Lost Continent of Atlantis - Location Theories Part II

Mentioning the theories that claim South America (Bolivia) and the Azores to be the location for the 'lost continent' of Atlantis.

Chapter 13: Lost Continent of Atlantis - Location Theories Part III

Mentioning the theory that claims East Indies (Indonesia and India) and Cyprus to be the location for the 'lost continent' of Atlantis.

Chapter 14: Lost Continent of Atlantis - Is it Mesopotamia?

Investigating the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia - Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria, etc. Is there any relation between Mesopotamia and Atlantis? Could one of these civilizations be the inspiration for Plato's work and for the Egyptian stories?

(February 2007 -  work in progress)


Soon to Come:

* On Piri Reis and His Map

* Update and reconstruction of  the site "Mysteries of Old Civilizations"


So far, humanity had dreams of finding 'ancient myths', such as Troy, Helike, Pompeii. It unfolded pages of ancient history it had never dreamt of revealing. Therefore, I am also that kind of a dreamer, hoping one day to find Atlantis.

Enjoy your stay.

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